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Museum of Food and Drink

Driven by the Senses Installation


For two years in a row, using state-of-the-art projection mapping technology and leading-edge filmmaking techniques, Vox Creative, in partnership with Infiniti, built Driven by the Senses, an innovative system that allows MOFAD visitors to journey through a city of their choice on a touchpad kiosk before entering the Infiniti Q50 (2016) and the QX30 (2017). Once the doors close, the buzz of the museum is brought to a hush and the journey begins. A special video projection paint on the windshield turns the inside of the windshield into a screen as a rear-mounted projector casts the image onto the glass.

The first version mainly utilized the front windshield as the display, whereas Version 2 took advantage of all front and side windows, creating a 270 degree wraparound effect.

Driven by the Senses: V1 Behind the Scenes

Driven by the Senses: V2 Behind the Scenes

270° Installation Videos

The three paneled layout is meant to visualize the 270° view guests would experience inside the car installation.

Chinatown, New York

Crown Heights, New York

Jackson Heights, New York

Little Village, Chicago

Little Saigon, San Jose

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